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My Etsy Shop vs. My Shop on Etsy

Monday, January 23, 2012

Which do you say?

"My Etsy Shop" vs. "My Shop on Etsy"
You might think it’s just semantics, but there is actually a huge, important distinction there.  
Let’s consider the implications of each;

My Etsy Shop”- You are relinquishing the branding, identity, and power to Etsy.

My Shop on Etsy” - You are taking control of your own space, your brand, and honoring the space Etsy provides.

Why all the nit-picking? Well, let me tell you. The handmade and small creative business community understand the dynamics of having a shop with Etsy. We get that it’s you. You design, make, create, and do it all.  And let me just say unequivocally that I love Etsy - it’s given me an opportunity I might not otherwise have known.

But there is a world beyond Etsy-dom.  (truly, I’ve seen it!)

It includes family, friends, neighbors, a long lost high school pal, hair dresser, fellow parent at the preschool,  husband’s co-worker, dentist, son’s pediatrician, the local barista.....

These are all folks who have inquired into my business just in the last month. And each were mistified by the concept of Etsy. Yes, even now.  And it’s not so much that Etsy is a confusing concept or that these people are especially un-tech savvy. But the distraction comes from the co-branding.  Our business identity co-mingled with Etsy.

I’ve seen it in print too. In fact, I’ve written two letters to the editor of major publications for identifying handmade creations as “Etsy’s coasters” or “art print by Etsy.”  Meaning that the wonderfully talented and awesome artist just lost all credit (or potential sales & recognition) to Etsy.

So, what to do?

Remember to say, “My shop on Etsy.”  {with the emphasis on “my”}

Go ahead and love Etsy all you want (I do!), but love your shop enough to claim it. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic, tell me what you think!

{image credit, the lovely shop Cosas Minimas}


ElleSee said...

Excellent pointers! Sometimes I even just call my shop, my shop online...and leave out the Etsy :)

hardydanielle said...

This is brilliant!! thank you for the insight.. I will now say "my shop on etsy".

Tania said...

I never looked at it that way. I'm changing the title above the Etsy mini on my blog into "My shop on Etsy" or something along that line (as it indeed says "My Etsy shop" right now)!

Kristin said...

so great! look forward to getting my shop updated and going this year. love the tips, advice and encouragement you give.

amy said...

That's such great advice!! It's amazing how such a small change can make that much difference. Thank you! :)

Stephanie Jean said...

Just changed My Etsy Shop to My Shop on Etsy...thank you!!!

Jenny Bartoy said...

So true! That is a great point. I'll be more careful in my wording and messaging moving forward. Thank you!

Ashley said...

Thank you for the insight! I am just getting ready to possibly sell some of the goods I make. I am terribly intimadated by Etsy and all the wonderful artist, So I am selling to some local boutiques until I get the hang of things. I soak up any tips for online shops that I can get in hopes of opening a successful one when I am brave enough. ;)Thanks again for sharing!!!

Ashley @ Thereisnoplacelikehomemade

La Alicia said...

excellent insights!! I just call it my online shop! :) love hearing everyone's thoughts!

Live a Colorful Life said...

What an important distinction. Thanks for pointing it out. Words really DO make a difference.

Laurel said...

Excellent point!! I'm in the process of opening a shop on Etsy. Your blog and shop are wonderful! Love your style and I also appreciate all of your business insight!

Daffy's Dream said...

Thanks for the insight. I always said "My shop on Etsy" to others but never striked or thought the words can make wonders.thanks again.right away ill change it on my blog

Very Verdant said...

Great thoughts! Now that I think about it, I have mentioned my shop both ways. Mostly, though, I refer to my shop as just that, "My Shop which I run through Etsy".

I, like you, have noticed handmade items as "jewelry" from Etsy, or "pencil roles" from Etsy. I have not, however, taken time to defend the individual, the artist behind the handmade goodness. I will be more aware of that from now on.
Great article,

allisa jacobs said...

Appreciate all the feedback & thoughts! It's definitely something to consider. Words do matter...as they often drive our actions. Maybe by taking ownership of how we phrase our shop...we become more confident as shop owners?

madefromtheocean said...

I've made business cards and one set shows the website for my shop using etsy first then I got then replaced using my shop name first but some people couldn't find it that way so which one do I use or do I have to change it again michelle

allisa jacobs said...

@madefromtheocean - I'm not sure I understand your question entirely. I would always suggest going with what feels best to you...

If you can tell me more I'm happy to elaborate :)