Home Searching

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And so it begins...
The search for a home to buy! There are not enough exclamation points to begin describing how excited I am. I've been smiling + dreaming + planning + wishing + trying like mad to let go and let our path shine through.  It's such a big event isn't it?!

Yesterday, we went through half a dozen walk throughs...and what really hit me at the end is that more than anything I feel like we have to keep a clear focus on who *we are* and what our dream is while we search. It's easy to get lost and think, oh this could work, this lifestyle could be for us, we can make changes.  I mean it is a process of give & take. But I'm finding that I need some sort of photo in my head, and then approaching each place with the idea of "could this home someday match that?" 

Ah, leave it to me to get all analytical & introspective about it all ;)   I'd really love to hear any suggestions or experiences others have with home searching & buying...do share! 

these are the images in my head :) 


ElleSee said...

I like the way you're thinking already. It took us three houses to really find us and what we are happy with. I love my home, and will be happy if I never move again.

My advice would be to take your time and not settle just because you have a desperate want for a house. The right one will come along. We rushed into buying our second house, and ended up moving a year later.

treva e said...

House searching is so difficult. We lived in the same home for 15 years, and wanted to change up. So we moved to a much larger house about 30 miles away which in seattle area isn't necessarily that much. The home was a completely different style, and type of neighborhood. After about 2 years I felt really disatisfied, because, my own style just didn't feel right here, and it was farther away then we really expected from our family etc. So after 7 years we are searching again, to downsize as our daughter has grown and only come homes a few times a year. Look at many many homes, and don't rush. If you've developed a style or know the style you realy like be true to yourself. I have to agree with Elle above. Unless its a starter home, one you know you will be eventually moving out, but using as a way to get into home ownership, look carefully and you will know when it feels like home.

veverca said...

I really love the photos you chose! It could be one of my favourite posts just because of them. I really don't have any particular advices, since I did not move since I was 6 (now I am 32) and we in general do not move that much in Slovenia (Europe - near Italy). But I catch myself daydreaming and planing how some place maight work as my own place - in my mind I rearange all the furniture and position all the rooms ... in EVERY place I am (a doctors waitingroom, an old barn or factory, a hostel I am staying on my holidays...) So I guess it is not that much a place itself, but the imagination and feeling you have for nesting - making the hous your home. For me my imagination rises if the place ist a bit extraordinary. Wishing you good luck with the search. And yes, I agree with 2 girls above - don't hurry. xo Irena.

allisa jacobs said...

Oh my goodness, you all are a wealth of knowledge! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and perspective...it's helped us in our search :)