Introducing New Coaching Sessions

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've redesigned my business coaching services and added more sessions - focusing on specific needs for your business.  From concept development to shop review to an overall business boost - I'm your girl.  

It's only been a few months since I began offering business coaching sessions and in that time I've worked with some incredible entrepreneurs.  A few looking to sort out their ideas to launch their dream.  Others needing more of a trained eye to spot areas of improvement. And a couple who were ready to move on - open a brick and mortar shop and enter the world of wholesale.  I am truly thankful to be part of their creative business journey! 

Here's a bit about each:

Bright Idea: Concept Development 

Woo hoo! You’ve got an idea! A little spark of awesome, just bursting to be made into something amazing. In fact, you can probably contain yourself right? So much excitement, but yet, probably a lot of anxiety too. Perhaps, there’s even a good dose of frustration. Because with ideas like this, where do you begin?

Let me help. I’ll take your bounty of big ideas and guide you into developing a strong, viable core concept.  I’ll listen to your dreams and transform them into a practical plan.  I’ll design a customized, just-for-you report with feedback on your concept, sustainability, areas for growth, and an action plan to catapult your idea into reality.

Double Take: Shop Review
So, you’ve got your shop up and running and can’t seem to figure out what’s holding you back? You make and create, try and try again but your shop appears stuck. That’s where I come in. I know what I’m looking for-- the marks of a successful shop. I’ll give your shop more than just a once over, I’ll pore over item descriptions, review branding and logo, dive into your search relevancy, dissect profile and policy pages, evaluate photography, and look for overall cohesiveness.

Oh, but I’m not just going to tell you what’s not working! Oh no, I’m going to give you at least 20 actionable steps you can apply to immediately take your shop from ho-hum to heck-yeah!

Go and Grow: Business Boost
Waving to you on that business plateau! Looks like you need a little push in the right direction to grow and build. Maybe things have been going well but you just feel like there's got to be more. Well, pull up those boot straps, because we're gonna do some serious work. We're going to talk growth, sustainability, profit margins, revenue streams...and lots of other big time topics. 

With this session you'll take that leap from small fry to business savvy entrepreneur. So watch out world! And don't worry, I'll hold your hand if you want.
I've fielded a lot of questions lately about my business coaching, I thought it might be helpful to answer them here as well:

1.  Is business coaching just for big, already successful shops? Not at all! In fact, they might not even need the extra boost. Coaching is for folks who take their idea and their business seriously. They are committed to making it successful and want a little (or big) push in the right direction. 

2. I'm just starting out. Do I need help now or later when things are up and running?  If you're confident in your starting place then go ahead and try things out. But unless your concept is refined and you have a plans for launching, building, and marketing I'd suggest investing in assistance now.  

3. I know I need help but coaching can cost a lot of money.  I'm with you. I felt the same way. But 4 years later I can say this, 'the cheap comes out expensive.' Meaning, had I invested a bit in my business to begin with I would have saved myself thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and a lot of disappointment.  Hiring a business coach is making an investment. It's saying, my talent and ideas are too valuable to just throw things out there and see what works, I'm going to go forward with a plan.  

4. I'm a little embarrassed, are coaching sessions going to judge me.  No way! At least not with me.  When I take on a new client, I keep an open mind, think of each person as a colleague, and respect the fact that they are sharing something personal and amazing with me - their business!  

-> There's more information on each of the sessions on my Business Coaching page and I'm happy to chat more in the comments or individually  allisa.jacobs [at] 

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by yesterday's business chat on establishing your shop. Look forward to seeing you next Wednesday! 

{image credit julien denoyer}