Loving the Entrepreneur Inside

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

{Heart by papermoth}

Happy Tuesday! 
I've been a bit under the weather lately. Well, a lot actually. Add two sick little boys to the mix and it's just been bananas over here. We're totally out of our schedule (nothing throws me off quite like a change in the routine...) and I always feel like being sick is such a waste of time- that's the crazy get it done side of me. But, it's been nice to take a breathe, well- what I can with a stuffy nose, and take things slow. There's been some glorious Portland sunshine and we've ventured out a bit to soak it in. Lots of movies, humidifiers, and hot soup...

So my post over at Noisette Academy today really couldn't have come at a better time. In honor of all things Valentines-y, I'm discussing the need to love the creative entrepreneur inside.  Which can sometimes mean going a bit easy on ourselves. I urge us all to take time to really appreciate the maker + doer in us. I list some ways to love....and I'd be so happy to hear your thoughts too! Do pop over and share how you'll be loving you this month. 

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Dotty said...

Hope you are all better soon. Will pop over to see your post:)