Let's Talk Business - Week Ten: Your Horizon

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{photo courtesy happee monkee}

Over the last couple months, it's become really clear to me that for a very long time I've operated from a position of fear, that oh-so-elusive fear of failing.  The word 'fear' maybe doesn't even really describe it, but I've had a mindset that is slightly just off the mark.

Hoping, just enough. Dreaming, just a little. Doing, just the safe.   

Sure, I've had some pretty awesome achievements this year (hello, e-book and hello, new baby!) but, if I'm honest with myself I can say that there is even more I've wanted/dreamt/wished that I've somehow put aside.... as if it's not for me. 

Well, that's just not going to do. 

It's time to take some serious leaps. With my heart full of inspiration from my amazing community, husband, and creative compass I'm looking ahead to new horizons.  

So, for the last chat in this series, I invite you to share a new direction you're heading,                      share your horizon.

{It's been a lovely ten weeks of chatting, inspiring, affirming, and connecting! Thank you so much for everyone who has popped in to share in our chats and so many others who touched base with me privately.  I truly tried to address everyone's concerns and hope you found this series useful.  Really appreciate my lovely guest posters Isa, Meagan, and Tracey for their thoughtful contributions. }

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