Washi Tape Vases for Mothers Day

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yesterday, Little Man Jack and I crafted up these sweet little vases for mother's day gifts. Used gobs of frilly washi tape and plain bud vases.  The best part was he did most of the tape choosing, cutting, applying, and repositioning by himself.  Then, we admired them together :) 
Hoping the grandmother's enjoy this year's handmade gift!

Lots of washi tape. If I'm honest here, I'll say these prints aren't my most favorite, but the craft store collection was quite limited.  Jack thought they were just "delightful" though. His new word of the week. Next time though, I'm scoring a few of the bright colors from Omiyage

The extent of our supplies. Oh, and scissors. 

I've got tons of tape left. What else needs a dose of transparent dotty goodness?!