50 Shades of Gray - My New Product Labels

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hee, hee - no scandalous book references here, just my lovely new product labels! They're the same design I've used for quite awhile now, just in my oh-so-favorite gray. Much more consistent with my branding....but I'm really just excited to start using them! 

As I photographed the bunch to share on facebook, I took a few shots with different settings. I'm always trying to learn more about photography, such an art in progress, and the variations from one slight setting to the next never fails to amaze me. The following photographs were all taken in manual mode this afternoon, and with each shot I only changed the 'lighting' setting. Of all the tricks I know, this is one of my favorites - it can turn a gray portland day into a light-filled celebration for photographs!

I love how it varies from warm to cool, with hints of blue or yellow. 

Which camera setting is your favorite? I'd love to learn how to take better portraits...that's my next challenge :)