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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Found this super charming print from My Poppet and just had to share. Printing it out now to adorn my studio...a lovely little daily reminder. I may even print out a few extras for my sewing pals.  Funny how sewing has such a sense of therapy & peace (at least for me!)....anyone else feel this too?  Sometimes, people ask where I find all the time to sew...and I think, how could I not create? I have to sew.  It's like my meditation and renewal.  

Speaking of creating...I'm working really hard on my fabric design lately and am thinking the best way of sharing it all! I'm so excited though that I'm practically bursting...there's been a few fist pumping and "yessss!" moments.   Here's a color palette I worked up and have been building upon:

Can't wait to share the good stuff! 

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tracy said...

Love the color palette....can't wait to see your finished designs!