Printable Download - Turning Mistakes Into Glorious Moments to Shine

Friday, September 28, 2012

printable download from allisa jacobs

{woo hoo, printable wisdom!}

I've made lots of mistakes lately. Blame it on back to school craziness or just the usual chaos that comes with two little boys. Maybe it's the growing business or my body finally feeling older (what the what?!)....but I've missed an appointment here, late with a birthday there, and even mixed up an order (thankfully catching it just in time to spend half the night redoing it.)  

In these moments of messiness, I'm trying to remind myself of the bit of wisdom above - it's all about how we handle it. Owning up to it, fixing it, and making it better. I'm sharing my thoughts on all this over at Oh My Handmade Goodness, and I'd love to see you there - pop over & say hello. 

ANNNNND..... I thought (hoped!) maybe I'm not the only one out there flubbing things up now and then, so I made this into a (8 x11) printable to hang up anywhere you need a reminder that it's all in how we respond that really matters. 

Now, onward to a fabulous weekend everyone! 

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