Simple Napkins - Tutorial

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love making gifts for friends and last week I whipped up a set of simple napkins for one of my best gals.  We've all been trying to use more cloth napkins so I made these with a flower print perfect for autumn. I plan on making dozens more for our home, a mix of prints and colors to brighten up the table. 

It's a super simple, one hour project. But you know, sometimes simple - done right- is best! I think this is an awesome beginner sewing project. 

Start with four pieces of 18" x 18" fabric (you could obviously go bigger, but this size is good if you're using a yard of fabric). I like to prewash mine, just to ensure they're not all wonky after the first wash. 
Fold over and press two, opposite sides about 1/2".  The trick here is to make these even and pressed.  
Then, fold over those same to sides to create a clean edge. Again, press, press, press. 
Now, top stitch along those two sides. I like to get fairly close to the fold edge, so it's not going to have an extra little flap. If that makes sense.
Ok, here's my special little trick. You've got two opposite sides folded, pressed, and stitched. Now, we need to do the two *other* opposite sides. If we just folded those over then a little raw edge would peek out the corner, so to prevent this, I fold in the edge, to make a perfect little right triangle. Press & Press! 

Now folder over those sides, just like you did with the first two. See, no straggly raw edges peeking out! Now, top stitch along those sides as you did with the other two.
All stitched :) 
Press again & enjoy!

These would be great to sew up for Thanksgiving dinner, don't you think? What's your favorite simple sewing project?