Hello, Spring!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

via sandavasut

Hey there! Just coming out of the fog of the last week now. It's been days of coffee + chocolate + sneaking bits of sleep + a whole lot of patience. 

Our little Luke learned how to climb out of his crib- with incredible timing, on daylight savings day. He's launched himself out twice & never looked back... all this new found freedom! He's so much different than Jack, our first. Where Jack is focused and contemplative and heeds directions almost to a fault, Luke is a clever & wily free spirit. This means of course, he doesn't just climb out of his crib...but he sneaks into the playroom or scatters the baby wipes around the nursery. It means nap time, which up until now has meant two hours of mom's work time, has been his ultimate party.  

We've since transitioned him into a toddler bed, but I still can't sleep a wink and have been racking my brain trying to identify every possible item or scenario he might find the least bit interesting. Pretty much anything we'd not want him to do. 

All this coupled with daylight savings & our childcare unavailable three days in a row....that's where the coffee & chocolate come in :) 

Ok, enough of the complaining - but I am accepting any & all pieces of parenting advice!   Onto happier notes - spring is here & the flowers are blooming, we've got a boy heading into kindergarten, a very busy shop, & a lot to be thankful for! 

Happy spring everyone!