Hello, May - Desktop Calendar

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

desktop calendar via smashing magazine

Hello, friends! 

We've been blessed with incredible sunshine the last couple weeks here in Portland. The flowers are in bloom and for every true Oregonian, any temperature above 50 brings out the sandals and t-shirts (seriously.) 

April was an incredible month, my most successful ever in the shop (hooray!) and I also completed my self imposed challenge of no sugar (that would be chocolate), caffeine, or wheat/flour.  Add that to my already vegan, low processed routine and it, at first, seemed like a crazy venture. I mean, coffee & chocolate, used to get me through the days you know?  But, I did it. Lots of cool recipes and a few days of withdrawals later, I made it through the entire month. 

I'm feel so much better, lighter, cleaner, more energized! And, maybe even a little more confident not feeling so tied to food/coffee for my little 'treats' I'd reward myself with during the day.  (well, the husband was out of town and it's just been me with two wild boys all day, I *totally* deserve this hunk of chocolate). And the no sugar bit, meant that I avoided all those extra little sugary things that seem to creep in without me noticing.  

I'm still rocking the coffee, just decaf. Which always seemed to defeat the purpose, but made the transition so much easier. And this completely changed my level of anxiety and irritability I have been fighting for so long. I feel so much more calm & in control! 

Anyhow, enough about that. Sometime I'll have to share my concoction, um, recipe for dairy-free coconut chocolate ice-cream I discovered :) 

So here I am, ready for May! Check out the pretty desktop calendar above I found at Smashing Magazine, it's a beauty.