Bloom Where You Are Planted

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

quote inspiration
via shayla lillian

Ah, yes. One of my favorite quotes. So simple, but you know, every time I hear it, I think - "yes."  Such a powerful reminder. I have a tendency to think about what's next & where else... maybe because I grew up moving around so much and then always wanted to move on... but I know I keep myself from really shining when these thoughts come in. I think, someday we'll have that farm house, and then I'll make those pillows/finish the quilt/ really take good photos/ invite friends for dinner more/ get to know my neighbors / paint it the color I really want/ etc. It's not that I'm unthankful, goodness knows I remind myself each day of the blessings I have, but it's just those thoughts of what if, until, & if only that creep in....

Does anyone else feel like this? It's a bit maddening and depressing when I stop and say it. Any thoughts on how to let yourself just bloom? 

Well, I might just have to keep this pretty photo from shayla lillian up around the house so I wake each morning with this as my focus...