Long Time Gone

Monday, July 15, 2013

Long time gone...oh, it's been a long time, long time! (singing this in my best dixie chicks voice....)

But, yes it's been awhile hasn't it? 

Let me see, where have I been?  Well, between massive amounts of wedding orders and sunny mornings with the boys, I guess I've just been trying to soak up every single minute. I mentioned before that this is a bit of a transitional time for us, Jack's off to full day kindergarten and Luke will start preschool... and this mama's life as I've known it for the last five and a half years will be really different. Sure, it will only be a couple mornings where the house is empty, well not completely - I'll be here, but that's what it feels like - but I guess it marks a new beginning of mornings spent getting ready, lunch boxes, busy afternoons, and a bit of shuffling around. 
So long to our quiet, stay at home afternoons, early morning walks, and breezy schedule. 

So, if I'm being honest - I've been a little melancholy. On one side so happy with my beautiful boys and all the light they shine (except for the hours between 4 and 6, known as Crazy Town in our house when I make dinner & the boys chase each other in circles until dad comes home) but, anyway, happy you know? And then, a little sad to see my Jack Bear head out into this great big world called Kindergarten. Because, for five years it's been me & him and of course, Luke joined the party.  I built this business to be with them. 

And so now, I've been thinking. Missing my own classroom- which seems both like yesterday and a million years ago. Wondering a bit about what it would feel like to be teaching again. Considering how far I want to take it all.... And, I just don't know. 
So, I've been reflecting & waiting patiently for some guidance and direction. And in between, trying to really savor these feelings of warmth and joy with my boys at home.  It's a glorious summer. And for what happens next  We shall see.....
allisa jacobs
from the garden....
fourth of july cupcakes, decorated by the boys

custom silk clutches
cute little art block from red tile studio

I know I've missed a lot of happenings out there, tell me- what's going on in your world?