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DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

Saturday, December 20, 2014

We whipped up this pretty ornaments just in time to hand out as teacher gifts. And can I just say I'm addicted and want to keep making more. I cleared out the Michael's glass ornament section, ordered from Amazon and still wish there were more glass globes to be had. 

In any case, these are one of the easiest, kid-friendly-est, and prettiest DIY Christmas gifts we've made in a long time. And since it's so easy, you can customize the colors for your gift list. 

I found this tutorial ages ago and made a few tweaks. Most of it is self explanatory really, get some glass clear ornaments, pop the top off, squirt the paint inside, swirl & swirl, and voila! 

Here's some tips we discovered: 
  • Use a thinner craft paint (Folk Art was good, Martha Stewart needed some watering down) otherwise the paint just sits in globs at the bottom and refuses to swirl
  • Add a touch of water to paint bottles & shake to mix if too thick, careful not too much water - the result is a milky paint 
  • Add paint one color at a time, swirl, and then add the next for a more distinct 'color block' effect (see Pink & Gold ornament) 
  • Add paint colors at same time for a marbleized effect (see Green & Aqua or Purple & Gray ornament)
  • When done swirling, set ornaments upside in dixie or plastic cups so excess paint can drip out. 
  • Check on the ornaments every 30 hour or so, as they may need a bit more of swirl as paint drips out
  • Let completely dry for 1-2 days

Happy making :)