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She's Easy To Hold - New Quiltish Pouches

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pens. Hair ties. Buttons. Cash. Make-up I can't yet part ways with. Jewelry. Safety Pins. Coupons. Ribbon. Stickers. The list goes on....

....So I'm not the most organized gal, but these little pouches have inspired me to get that way! I've been thinking of a million & one ways to use these beauties. And now that the holidays are coming I'm thinking they're a great way to give a gift- fill 'em up with gift cards, make-up, treats, soaps, bracelets. (I' m going to leak all my Christmas gifts already....Oh yeah, Jen- your birthday gift started it all!)


Jen said...

I love my birthday gift!

meg said...

Congrats on making the front page! That is so awesome- your shop has really great photos.