Color Me Happy

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picked up some bold & bright embroidery thread today. Just loved the colors. I've been kind of mixing & matching colors most common method? Crayons with Jack. He's so into coloring lately, not coloring books really....but blank white pages & fills them with very precise & detailed curly-cue circles. He becomes quite focused & choosy with his colors. In any event it's rekindled my love for crayolas & got me interested in looking up & bookmarking color charts. I've found them handy when mixing colors for quilts, naming items in my Etsy shop, or finding just the right descriptor for that 'green' fabric- hello celadon, moss, & fern.

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{Imade credit: Roger Cortesi}

{Image credit: Martha Stewart Living}

{Image Credit: DMC chart}