Stop Gap : Creative Conundrum

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arg, I'm my own worst enemy! Often my lists get too long, my ideas are too varied, & I want to complete so many things at once....that the end result is....nothing. I end up getting overwhelmed & instead of everything or some things, I end up not really completing anything - like I just get stuck in the tornado of crafting/sewing/brainstorming/etc...and then all my energy is used up! am I going to work on this? I'm not sure exactly. I'll probably brainstorm solutions about brainstorming too many solutions - ha, ha. But no! I will harness this frenzy and create things that have been brewing around inside....just wait & see. (ok, that's more of a challenge to myself!)

Thought I'd include a couple photos of Jack- I have a lot to learn from him....being so happy, carefree, and enjoying the moment:


live a colorful life said...

Jack is too cute. We just celebrated my granddaughter's 3rd birthday today, and she is also too cute. Pictures will be posted on my blog later today.

I get overwhelmed with things to do and I end up....sitting. Then getting frustrated because I have "wasted time". Vicious cycle. Oh, and then thinking this would be a good idea, to add to my list, I just signed up for an on-line quilt block exchange. What was I thinking??

irene said...

Oh my! I think you just took my thoughts exactly, and put them in your blog...I have the 'creative conundrum' syndrome, too. I am a list-maker, and that seems to help - I love drawing a line through the things that I accomplish. But...with 3 kids, volunteering for school, sports teams, and trying to build up a craft business - no wonder we have brain clutter! I love every minute of it, don't you? ;)