Cheer Me Up Buttercup (well, Daisy actually)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looks like the rain has set in here in Portland! But lucky me, I've got these gorgeous gerbera daisies to gaze on (my favorite!). And aren't they perfect for fall? My hubby brought these home last Friday...his work has been keeping us apart so much, so these are nice little burst of happiness every time I walk by them!

{{Thank you marky poo! }}

A quick list of other things that make me happy ( it's good to take inventory I think):

- Every time Jack says the word, "mama" - even if it's for gazillionth time
- going for a family stroll
- cat naps with my kitty curled beside me
- baking cupcakes or cookies (and they don't burn!)
- being awake before sunrise
- seeing old friends
- spotting a deer in our backyard
- remembering my years in the classroom
- lifting weights. .. it's like doing a trick no one thinks you can do
- a good book
- sharing the recliner with my hubby. even though we barely fit!

ok, well I suppose this list goes on but it's a good little reminder for me!


Always Inspire said...

Those ARE gorgeous and perfect fall colours! My husband is away from home quite a bit due to his line of work, it's nice when they show how much they miss you with cute gestures such as that!

missbmckay said...

What beautiful flowers and perfect gratitude inventory. It;s the little things, you know?

live a colorful life said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers. And I took a few minutes to think of things I'm grateful for in my life as well. Thanks.