Halloween Craft- Silly Little Puppets

Monday, October 12, 2009

1. Trace around cup on cardstock 2. cut out circles 3. add stickers 4. glue onto popsicle stick 5. wave around & add silly voices & spooky noises!

So I was thinking puppets, but came up with paper on a stick instead :) I really wanted a project that Jack could help complete at almost every step. I had some lovely pumpkiny orange cardstock left over from our Halloween Garland and these cute stickers. I know, I know- you're thinking, oh, this all sounds very simple. And it is. But you know, Jack seemed genuinely pleased at creating them & ran around waving them about. He's parked them in the back of his dump truck for now, which is usually reserved for his treasured posessions.

Anyhow, I love this idea because it got me thinking for other popsicle stick designs to try. I'm thinking some felt monsters or maybe some amazing animal templates I can find.

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Kailla Platt said...

I love his look of concentration...