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Halloween Fabric Scrap Garland

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I woke up this morning with total anxiety. I thought oh my gosh, it's almost Halloween. Which means it's almost Thanksgiving. Which means it's almost Christmas. Which means it's almost Jack's second birthday!

Ok, whew. One at a time. First, Halloween:

1. Finish Jack's costume. Make cowboy chaps.
2. Plan Halloween party. Decide: cupcakes with sprinkles or powdered sugar.
3. Make luminaries. Buy LED lights so the house doesn't catch on fire.
4. Buy candy. Spend the next week challenging my willpower.
5. Take pictures of Jack & his pals. Enjoy this moment in particular.

As part of my Halloween planning mode, I whipped up this fabric scrap garland (yes, you may have noticed I can't get enough of garlands). I love how it turned out & it was a lovely, fast, & easy way to use up mountains of scraps. It was easy to do- an especially good craft while watching the tube or daydreaming. I made my first tutorial here!

1 comment :

~Michelle~ said...

That is so cute! Maybe not for Halloween for me, but definitely Christmas! And I'm thinking that would be super cute on a Christmas tree! :)