Halloween Frenzy

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cutting, Measuring. Stitching, Fixing. Printing, Buying. Cutting, Sewing. Stringing, Singing. Looking, Liking. Wanting, Trying. Hoping, Borrowing. Running, Scrambling. Thinking, Drinking. Snipping, Sighing.

That's me. Getting ready for Halloween. Our little (big) party. Making Jack's cowboy costume (who knew chaps would be such a labor of love?)

Anyhow, I'm all about & easy & free & last minute right now.

So here ya' g0 ;)

Pumpkin Lanterns- Downloadable Template from Martha Stewart Tons more cute & creepy things to be found on her site for sure.

Halloween Stencil Templates for Tote Bags (or other things!) from The Long Thread

Paper Skeleton made by How About Orange. Templates for him & *gobs* of other Halloweeny stuff on the Canon website. (seriously, there is TONS over at Canon, who knew?!)

Sweet Downloadable Halloween Card from Inside a Black Apple

::Also: Bat Doll Template from Heather Bailey

{{All image credits to the respective sites}}