My Favorite Designer

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sure, there are lots of designers to choose from. But I'm a little partial to one in particular. I just adore his work. I'd spend my last penny on one of his designs. I anticipate his new pieces & techniques. I'm especially lucky to watch his creative process unfold firsthand and am intrigued by his seriousness yet flair for the unexpected. His use of color is downright avant garde. Each masterpiece inspires & shows a penchant for juxtaposing circles and lines. Oh, and his ability to think outside the box, or um, off the paper is clearly a sign of genius!

Getting that little brown swirl just right

Surveying the work.....

Such a burst of intensity & concentration!

Fini! Finito! Terminado! Flar! Finite!

Necessary yoga techniques complete this exhausting creative release


live a colorful life said...

You should send that in to Spoonflower and print some yardage. Jack is so cute!

Paula Prass said...

That is absolutely priceless! He is so focused, and rejoices at a job well done. Jack might be my favorite artist, too.

Always Inspire said...

LOVE IT! So very cute indeed!

winnsangels said...

such creativity. thanks for this reminder to recognize the small, but oh so huge, things close to us.