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Lucky, Lucky Me.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ok. so how is this possible? I might just have the worst luck ever. On Friday, in the midst of completing orders, finishing jack's cowboy costume & preparing for our big little halloween bash these things all happened: my fancy shmancy rowenta iron dropped and shattered, no less than 20 minutes later my sewing machine decided to only stitch micro millimeter stitches- the length knobby thing busted, so I pulled out the spare- it jammed on the first go round. then, i walk outside...flat tire. seriously. so i'm stranded at the tire place and what do you know? my cell phone is dead.

so just when I think everything is about to fall apart & i'm nervous that anything else that could go wrong, will go wrong- we get jack all set in his costume; wriggle on the wranglers, buckle the belt, pull up the boots, tie on the chaps, pull down the hat.....I stand back (briefly admiring my chaps handiwork) and think, oh my gracious- turns out I'm actually the luckiest gal in the world!

1 comment :

live a colorful life said...

Jack is so cute. (BTW, serious love for your red shoes....). Sorry about series of unfortunate events. You should now officially be DONE.