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Pocket Full of Posies - Fabric Selvage Scrap Flowers

Monday, November 02, 2009

{{UPDATE}} I did some research & found a fantastic video tutorial demonstrating ribbon roses similar (but much neater & prettier than above ;) narrated by a woman with a very proper accent! The Etsy Storque also has a how-to with a neat sketch (what a coincidence!)Now you can make your own...and I can make mine better!

I love these little bitty flowers I made this weekend. I looked at my heap of selvage edges & thought, 'there just has to be something I can do with these.' I've seen other crafty ladies make pin cushions & ornaments & the like so I was inspired to think of something! They aren't 'perfect' which is why I like them I think...but it also means there aren't really directions. You just start with a knot & twist & turn & turn. I'm thinking of attaching these little beauties to zipper pouches made with the same linen shown in the background. Hmmm, we'll see.

p.s I've gotten lots of comments on my red shoes from yesterday's post. Sorry to share that those shoes are an ancient find from the Nordstrom Rack, but I do love them too! My costume was so supposed to be a 50's housewife (can you see the pearls?) Obviously, I spent much more time preparing jack's outfit, my handsome little cowboy!


missbmckay said...

I have seen these. Yours are especially bright and cute. I just love your ideas and stylish creations. Great job.

Anonymous said...

My mother showed me how to make these with ribbon when I was 10 or 11. She worked for a card shop and did flower arrangements, wedding favors and wreaths on the side. These roses were famous in her wedding favors. She'd use satin ribbon in the brides colors. In hindsight they were so 80's.

I've been considering using this technique in my current project. I hadn't tried fabric yet and now I will. Thanks. I can't wait to see yours on your bags.