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One Thousand Thank- Yous

Friday, November 13, 2009

celebratory bouquet from Mr. Quiltish

Surprised. Thrilled. Anxious. Appreciative. Amazed. Excited.

That's me reaching 1,000 sales on Etsy. Above all else, I'm thankful.

One thousand thank yous to my lovely customers, hubby, friends & fam, & everyone else who cheers me along!

He knows me so well. orange & yellow.

I love the contrast in this pic-flowers & in the background-Jack's Lego Mega City atop a paper-covered coffee table :)


Kailla Platt said...

Way to go!!

Christina Rodrigues said...


live a colorful life said...

congratulations. That's a HUGE accomplishment!

Always Inspire said...

OMG that is fabulous!!!! Congratulations!!!

Jennifer Jacobs said...

WOW! That's incredible! Congrats :)

Jennifer Jacobs said...

lol, Mr. Quiltish!!!