Jack's Garland- Banner Tutorial

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My wee one, Jack, loves his name. We write it several times a day- well, I write it & he colors over it. He spells it with his bath tub foamy letters, sometimes it's written QSRV other times it looks more like LTFPMBAWIGSC .....when we meet someone new he proudly says, "Ack." (as in "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Jack.")

I love his name too. And I love this little banner I made for his room. It's the first name garland I've made so it's got a few mistakes but I like how it turned out (tutorial below). This would also be lovely for the holidays, spelling "Thankful," or "Cheer," or "Joy," hmmm.....

His room is really not that tall. I'm just that short.

Here he is excitedly reading his name. Or...pointing out I've hung it crookedly. (p.s. Metzmama- he's wearing the new truck shirt you sent him ;)

Want to make one?I didn't use a pattern but no need, it's super cinchy.

Supplies: fabric scraps
(at least 6" x 8")
double fold bias tape
(length depends on # of squares- I used a whole package)
double sided fusible web ( I like steam-a- seam light)

1. Cut out two 6" x 8"rectangles for each letter to spell name (plus any additional, I did two extra blanks). (fabric needed for front & back of square)

2. On paper hand write or print out name/word. (I used font style "Perpetua" in Word)

3. Applique on letters. Here you can use any method you prefer. I don't like to waste any fusible web so although an easy way is to adhere fabric to web & then trace letters & cut out, I did it a little more time consuming but saved my web. Cut out letters from paper. Traced on fabric (backwards on the wrong side of fabric). Cut out. Razor helpful for little circles inside of letter "A." Placed on fusible web. Cut out the letters. Press with iron (following package directions). Remove paper backing. Place each letter on it's own rectangle. Be sure they are aligned (i.e each 2" up from bottom). Press. Top stitch around each letter. (optional but adds a nice touch)

3. Pin the front of each rectangle piece (right sides together) with the back of each piece. Sew around 3 edges, leaving the top open with a 1/4" seam allowance.

4. Turn right side out. Press baby press.

5. Lay out double sided bias tape on large area. Estimate where to start garland, leaving enough room for a tail or tie to hang. Place each rectangle inside the bias tape & pin securely. (I layed mine out on my cutting mat so I could easily measure the equi-distant between each rectangle- I did 2 inches).

6. Top stitch the edge of the bias tape. Starting at the end & being sure to 'catch' the rectangle tops pinned inside.

7. Hang & Enjoy!


Kati said...

thanks for sharing! the banner is super cute!

~Kati, Hooks of Hope

Amanda Metz said...

totally going to make this for Ruby and Rylan! hopefully I can!