Calendar Round-Up

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello, my little neglected blog!

I'm afraid some of my posting may be a bit sparse for awhile- I'm devoting much of my time to an Open House this weekend for friends & first one & I'm really excited. (nervous?)

I keep saying to myself, "sure, I've got time." and if I say it enough then I start to believe it!

So in this spirit, I've rounded up a few timely lovelies- one to print, one to buy, and one to make: enjoy :)

TO BUY: Little Deer Calendar from Alidesign

TO MAKE: Felt Advent Calendar- Tutorial from Purl Bee

TO PRINT: (free) Never-Ending To-Do & Blog Lists from Vale Design

{{All image credits to their respective sites & shops }}

1 comment :

Always Inspire said...

Oh I just love the blog topic list pad! Such a smart idea! Enjoy the open house this weekend!