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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Wow! Thanks to everyone for such an amazing December! I am so thankful to my lovely buyers...and I love hearing their stories! I've had many buyers return to purchase their second, third, fourth & even sixth Quiltish item....one buyer finally purchasing something for herself- to celebrate her new baby boy. New buyers who found my shop through gift guides and word of mouth. Even a few husbands contacting me to create an item for their wives (well, each husband had one wife, not 'wives'...) anyhow - I absolutely love hearing where my items will end up & enjoy thinking how many of my creations will be an actual gift someone opens on Christmas! What a fun, happy, & lucky privelege.....here's a few:

A buyer's husband contacted me to create something for his wife. What a thoughtful hubby! After a few conversations, this is the pouch we came up with for her- hope she loves it!

These pouches were created for the friend of one of my all-time-bestest & loyalest customers ever! Love the prints she chose!

Sets for another loyal & lovely return customer...great taste ;)

Another pouch order....

.....and another...being wrapped up for shipment. Notice any trends here???

All packaged up & ready to go! My darling Jack loves lining the packages up by the door. We drop them off as we go out & about :)

1 comment :

live a colorful life said...

I LOVE my quiltish pouch. BTW, I just saw your pillow in the "procrastinators gift guide" this morning. Woohoo!