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Oh, Happy Friday!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello, happy friday to ya!

Here's a few bits of my happiness so far today:

Last night Mr. Quiltish brought me a sweet little gift - feeding my addiction to caffeine but with a personalized touch....a Starbucks gift card with a little love note on it and with my custom drink :) Very impressed by this. Went out & used it first thing today!

Found my holiday pillow in Etsy's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide- for Procrastinators. I guess they know I am one! (p.s. Thank you Etsy!)

Finished up a lovely little bag for a custom order...I love how it turned out. My buyer had fabulous ideas!

And this one too! Gorgeous. If I do say so myself ;)

And, of course, no entry is complete without a Little Jack sighting! Here he is after opening one of his first Christmas gifts - "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" from one of my besty friends, Jen (hi, Jenny- I know you're reading this!) Anyhow, Jack loved the book until he realized the moose had fallen. This really worried him, as you can see by the utter dismay on his face. Oh, my little muffin!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend & enjoys the countdown to Christmas!


live a colorful life said...

so sweet to get a custom SB card. And Jack is adorable.

P.S. LOVE those little pleated flowers. Gorgeous!

Julie said...

What an awesome gift! And woohoo about the holiday pillow getting recognition!
Thanks for the lovely post on my blog by the way!

Jenny Lee said...

I'm glad Jack liked the gift. He does look a bit concerned for the moose! Merry Christmas!