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Giveaway With a Question Attached

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Over here cleaning out my fabric supplies... you know, out with old & in the with the new bit...and I've got some charming bundles & scraps. They just need a new home!So...I donated gobs to the Project Linus, listed some in my destash shop, & am offering this cute little bundle (+ a half yard surprise!) as a giveaway. Some florals, dots, apples, & mermaid...all perfect for spring (it's on it's way you know ;)

To enter? Just leave a comment with a businessy related topic you're interested in for your Etsy shop, website, or future crafty endeavor. (e.g. marketing, branding, wholesaling, etc.)

Why? Because, as you might've read, I'm sharing tips every Monday in my "Business Bits" and am excited to report back on topics of interest.

Don't have a business/etsy shop? You can still enter- just leave a comment with what you think makes a successful Etsy shop or crafty website!

winner chosen by Random.org on february 28th (8:00 pm PST)


sewmeow said...

Hi..I enjoy your tweets too!

For me and my future on Etsy, marketing is my focus right now. Cybernetworking through Yahoo groups, Ebay groups, Etsy teams, blogging, facebook....anywhere I can find new people who share my interests and similar goals.

Thanks for the giveaway.

sunflowerlin said...

I always love the fabrics you have, I like to gawk at your destash etsy while my husband is behind me telling me I have no more room for fabric! :)

Right now as far as etsy is concerned I am focusing on marketing and getting the word out. Trying to find new options beside the major Twitter and Facebook. And also toying with the idea of finding places to buy supplies in bulk for cheap, because I think the people at Joann's and Hancock are tired of seeing me everyday! :D

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Mary said...

your monday business bits have been so insightful..thanks!

question: so how do you determine how much to charge for your handmade items? how do you try to "beat" the competition?

Lilly said...

I think what makes a sucessful shop is the diversity of itens, being reliable and listen to your customer needs.
Thanks a lot for the chance. Those fabrics are gorgeous ^^

Peach Rainbow said...

i am interested in learning more about marketing and branding plus doing everything with a very small budget.

Marci Girl said...

Ohhh...I want to win this one! HA!

Two topics I would love to see covered:
1. Advertising in terms of what can be done with an etsy shop that is reasonably priced and effective or is it affective...I can never remember the rule.

2. Branding...you seem to maintain your brand throughout everything i have seen (etsy shop, blog, advertising, etc.) did you spend a lot of time originally coming up with your "look" in terms of fonts, colors, presentation...or has it evolved?

I may post again if I come up with more questions! Love your blog!

Marci Girl said...

Already thought of another one...though I don't expect to be entered twice!

3. Wholesale orders - start to finish - in regards to dealing with the buyer start to finish - weeding out "fake/spam like inquires" (I have had 3)...what kind of rules do you have in regards to wholesale orders?

4. Accounting and keeping track of orders, I would love to hear information about shipping (especially international shipping) from your experience and point of view!

Ok seriously that is it for now!

Amie Kirk said...

Wow! Would love to win those beautiful fabrics!
I would love to know about wholesale orders. How much should I charge for wholesale verses my "normal" prices? Do I discount based on the number of items they are buying? Do I charge sales tax?

Also, any marketing tips would also me great!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Patty said...

I love your fabrics. One thing I'm concerned about is pricing items. It's hard to decide because most nonquilters see "quilts" in places like J C Penney (or wherever) and then think a handmade quilt is way overpriced. Marketing is another concern. You need to get your name and products out there where you can get a lot of (traffic) people seeing them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that--I wasn't logged in correctly!

One big question I deal with: after a period of relatively high traffic, how can you keep people coming back for more? If new content is consistently going up, but pageviews and sales are declining, is it time to reinvent--or just to wait it out?

Bridgett said...

Right now marketing is big on my priority list. Getting my name into stores, blogs, etc...fingers crossed!

jan ~ tomatobaby said...

Actually, DON'T pull my name as I have WAY TO MUCH fabric. I just wanted to comment that I like your idea on how to cut the fabric load!

I'm looking to build my blog following and if I sell a few items, that's great too!

Keep up the great work and I'll be back to check in ~j.

Melissa Reynolds said...

I don't have an etsy shop, but I will say that photos make a BIG difference when I look at items. They can go a long way in promoting them. :)

annkent said...

Hi! Love your shop and your products! My challenge is definitely marketing - can always use more tips regarding that topic!

Monica said...

Hello! I am enjoying the new business bits section as I am just trying to start up an etsy business. I would love to hear more about small scale marketing. Translation: marketing on a budget :)

Kristin said...

Great business tips! Since I am just starting out and really appreciate the basics of business for etsy. Recommendations for books and other resources are also greatly appreciated.

secret cake said...

Hey there! I'd be really interested in learning how you've balanced the professional and personal re: Twitter.

Thanks for the opportunity!

secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

BaileyGirl5 said...

Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I found your blog today via the blogroll on fabricworm's blog. I only just started following them because of a giveaway on another blog. That's how I find a lot of blogs and etsy stores. I don't have a business but I did recently start blogging. I love etsy and have purchased a few things. I do find most of my etsy shopping originates from blogs ... either through a link about something the blogger bought or from the sidebar. (Jeez! how many times can you use the word "blog" in one paragraph?!?!?)

The Fam said...

I think Twitter and growing your following base is the most cost effective way of marketing/adversising right now! You're already doing it but you can't stress it enough to your readers!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot ocm

Jenny said...

Thank you for the giveaway! Such cute fabrics.

I am really interested in your Monday business series. I just started a new craft blog with a friend (http://stumblesandstitches.blogspot.com), will likely link to Etsy shops in the near future, and would love to read more about how you use social media effectively to market your craft business.

Anonymous said...

How did you go about selling at boutique/local shops?
I'd like to pursue that avenue, but don't want to go with the 'consignment' route.
I guess along with this might be ideas for selling outside of Etsy?

Thanks for your wonderful posts, very helpful!!


Val Miller said...

I don't have an etsy shop - because I am scared, but I do tend to buy a lot! I think the stores that I am the most attracted to are ones that have blogs that go along with it.

janaemadsen said...

I am interested in learning more about models- it is so hard to get good photos and I am envious of the little shops that have real people. how much do people pay? what is normal. I just joined twitter (Ok I just started using it- I used to block people I didn't know, clearly I didn't understand it- that is how I found this FANTASTIC giveaway.

bumblebird said...

ooh! i could make a few sweet doll dresses with your give...i would love to hear your thoughts on pricing...how do you figure your rate per hour of time? wholesale + marketing tips woulb be helpful, too. i received your package today and i LOVe the pouch. it's gorgeous!
thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in pricing accurately and in investigating the cost of shipping overseas.

Downtown Girl said...

I'm an etsy shop owner as well and my biggest questions at the moment are how to effectively set a wholesale price and how to market my products to local boutiques/shops?

Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my question: What is the most effective way(s) you have found to market your products? I do have an Etsy shop :)

candy at fiber dot net