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For the love...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

of color.
i love watching my little jack with color.
but you probably know this already.
i babble on all the time.
that's what moms do, right?
he's got his own little quirks & techniques that stop me in my tracks..
and i take a second look at color.

like how he's begun coloring in this very 'patchworky,' (dare i say, quiltish?!) kind of way. filling all the space but sort of uses blocks of color. i could watch him do this for hours. he's quite methodical about the whole thing....moved beyond his squiggles & circles (here's a post i gushed over that) and i just love it.

here's a shot of him sorting his crayons...another of my favorite things to watch. mostly because one day he just started doing it, i never showed him that. and i thought, 'wow, he thinks in color.' i especially love when he puzzles over it- like the white one there in his hand -sometimes he makes connections i never would've thought.

he's just a charming bit of inspiration. helps me see the wonders of it all....


live a colorful life said...

Definitely an artist in the works...

Jen said...

I love the crayon sorting picture!