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Toddler "quilt" Craft Project

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do not be fooled. Look closely, you can see that mischievous twinkle in his eye...

Jack loves colors & shapes so I came up with this little project for him. We've both been under the weather all week so it was a perfect time for a craft project. We call it a quilt but it's really just bits of fabric arranged on paper. He really liked making it & ended up reinforcing shapes & how to manipulate objects in puzzles.

Materials: cardstock or thick paper, fabric scraps, glue stick, pencil + ruler to draw

On cardstock, draw quilt grid. My paper was 12" x 12" so I did rows of 3" squares & (then into triangles for the more challenging quilt). Any size paper would work. Gather various scraps (even paper!). Cut into same sizes as quilt grid (this really only took about 10 mins - easy :) 
Jack chose the prints & where he wanted them placed. I was in charge of the glue stick. We started with the quilt with just squares. He was surprisingly adept at fitting the fabric pieces into the squares. He even commented it was like a puzzle.

Later that afternoon, we went back to work on the triangle puzzle. A little trickier but you can see his focus! The glue stick made it easy to maneuver & didn't seep through the fabric. 
I did have to go back & reglue some edges but overall it's a really fun craft & I'm thinking it will look great framed in his room!

Ta Da!


daisyfleur said...

What a great idea for a project!
I love the fabrics too & the finished result is lovely and bright & colourful. Well done Jack!

Peach Rainbow said...

That's Cute!

Jen said...

Ok, that first picture is the best!