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Father's Day Picks

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Father's Day gets more & more exciting every year (no offense, Dad.) Ever since we've had Jack it's been more & more fun to celebrate. Now, my little brother will be a father soon...and I'll be a first time auntie!! I've definitely got gifts for the guys on the radar. Here's a few manly Etsy picks seen in my current treasury.

First Row:
Shirt - Xenotees
Bag - MediumControl
Spice Kit - Purpose Designs

Second Row:
Men's Ring - MoonOverMaize
Aftershave - Shop Red Leaf
Wallet - PrixPrix

Third Row:
Pillow - LoveCalifornia
Card - Able and Game
Soap - Dress Green

Fourth Row
Glasses - Yava Glass
Fenway Photo- AliceBruce
Card - Michelle Brusegaard

1 comment :

Kelley said...

Thanks for this list; I really like the spice set. Maybe I'll get some for my husband sometime.