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Studio Peeks

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm fascinated by the spaces people carve out for themselves to work & create. It's a little like claiming a spot in this world and saying....'I'm going to make something happen here.'  Last week I shared a glimpse into my studio, one that is far from my own personal style, but I am so grateful to have. Before that room, I stored fabric in the nursery closet, ironed in our den, cut on the kitchen table, and sewed in our bedroom. Horribly inefficient...but it worked at the time- with just a grain of an idea & a brand new baby in the crib!

I'm happy to have gathered more glimpses into the creative spaces of designers I really appreciate & respect....so grab a cup and take a look....

Modern & inviting corner from Inklore

Wonderfully organized area, brimming with supplies from a la mode

Can I come shopping please? This space also from a la mode is sensational!

Any sewer would be pleased as punch to have this room where Happy Zombie creates her magic. Can it get any better than this?

Pure Bliss. That's what I'm calling this little corner of sewing utopia also found at Happy Zombie.

I love this photo from Moon Over Maize...those tools & hardware give me even more appreciation to her craft & skill in jewelry making.

Another peek into the creative space from Moon Over Maize, this one shared with her kids...a mom after my own heart!

Ok, so when Cindy from Live a Colorful Life shared this photo with me, she must have known I will now need to come visit! The table, the sunlight, the fabric stash...no wonder she is able to make such wonderful sewn, quilty things!

I love this photo from Zoetropa - truly a little glimpse into her creative process.

How tidy & inviting is this little sewing corner from Smidgebox? What a wonderful crafty nook!

Smidgebox's fabric stash - organized & inspiring...and inviting :)

A big thank you to all my creative friends who shared their little pieces of this world with me!


Monica said...

These are all so wonderful!

Mine is so industrial looking compared to all the beautifully creative spots...I need to get working on making it more personable.

Many thanks for featuring me!

alamodestuff said...

So great to see these. It appears Smidgebox and I use the same sewing machine.

Thanks for including my space. I look forward to having a bigger, brighter space someday. Until then, this is my second home.

live a colorful life said...

Thanks so much for including me. It is such fun to see where people create. And I know we always crave more space but you use what you have and I know I'm fortunate to have a repurposed living room, but amazing things come from small creative spaces, as you have just illustrated. Thanks again for this fasctinating peek.

elSage said...

What a fun collection! I love seeing other people's studio space. I'm very impressed by the organization in these shots.

www.casaecose.com said...

I just found our blog and the things you do through Etsy. So nice!!! So colorfull! They deserve all the attention possible.
And thanks for the tips about starting a buisness. I have only read the first 3 chapters but its inspiring. Lets see if I can dream up something big :) but for know i have started with my blog

happy zombie said...

I love your post, Allisa... and I'm so honored to be featured in it! And twice at that!

I'm having mad love for you "I'm going to make something happen here"! I would love to use that - embroider it and and hang it on my studio wall. YOU NEED to make that into an embroidery pattern!! xoxoMo

lostsentiments said...

Inklore and Happy Zombie have it made if you ask me :0) I love it! :0) your own little world - with your own little space to retreat to :0) fun! fun! :0)

lesley [smidgebox] said...

allisa, what fun to catch some glimpses into these creative spaces! thanks for including my little nook ;)

i must admit i have a little envy of these other gorgeous spaces, and while I'm holding out for my reno, i will put a bit more effort into making my corner a little prettier!

live a colorful life said...

I have written a bunch of quotes on the walls of my sewing room. I agree with Happy Zombie and I'm adding "I'm going to make something happen here!" to a wall.