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Blog Swap

Thursday, July 22, 2010

*blog swap*

Looking for a fresh voice on your blog? Got some tips & ideas up your sleeve? 

Well, then, I've got just the thing....
A nifty blog swap

 How does it work? Cinchy.
You write a lovely bit to post on this blog. And I do the same for your blog.
Just like in college when I wanted your sequined top & you borrowed my brand new skirt. {Except, this time, friendships & collaborations are built...not destroyed over a wine-stained blouse}

What's the point? Gives our readers a new outlook & perspective. Allows us to introduce ourselves to a whole new audience.

Who's it for? People who have got things to say! Folks with an established blog & excitement to collaborate.

Send a message to:  allisa.jacobs [at] gmail [dot] com
{i'll respond with more details}

{itty bitty disclaimer: I'm looking for about 4-5 swaps. So trades may not be possible with everyone. Bummer. But, I do welcome guest authors}
{courtesy of Eits Art }