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Fabric Obsession

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So there are a few fabrics I love so dearly I just can't bring myself to cut them! Instead, I store them away neatly, admire them now & again, unfold them to consider what beautiful items they might make, and fold them again...tucking them lovingly away in their place. 

A few pieces I won't let the shears come close to:

How lovely is this Anna Maria Horner Dobby Voile? I'll tell you. Too lovely to cut!

Orange Daisy Vintage Swiss Dot fabric. So charming. 

I've carted around these plaid fat quarters all the way from a little quilt shop in Cambridge, Mass. The prints & colors are so different from what I usually choose & I just love them to bits. 

 More Anna Maria Horner Voile. 
Really, just too lovely. 

I can't be the only one who gets attached to fabric...tell me what you adore & have stashed away!


janaemadsen said...

I totally have fabric that just sits in my plastic bins because it is too beautiful to cut.

live a colorful life said...

What I adore but don't HAVE any to cut is Flea Market Fancy. There is just something about the colors that is so perfect. I just have a few tiny scraps, which I'm turning into hexagons. I'm with you on the AMH fabric. I have some of the voiles and haven't been able to cut into those. And I'm busy collecting her Good Folks collection because I've heard it is starting to get scarce and I'm having a hard time cutting into what I have.

teedle. said...

Guilty - too much fabric just sitting around, looking pretty. =)