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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hooray! Mastered the self timer! 
I was desperate to photograph my new wood handle bags & a few other bags whose listings needed a little sprucing up. Unfortunately, my teenage model didn't show...some sort of gas money drama...so with little Jack napping I busted out the camera manual & experimented with self timer. 
After about three dozen blurry shots, a few of just my knees, another bunch with only the left side of each bag, and a couple of me staring straight into the lens checking if the camera was on... I ended up with these. 

a tough color to photograph.......but gorgeous in person.....

 Hoop Handbag in Fall Floral
making another one to keep for myself!

Inspired by Bari Ackerman's Quilt Show Post

Wood Handle Handbag in Orange Vines
one of my favorite prints...wish the bag looked a bit better in this photo though....

Sitting pretty in my shop...just needed a new photo!

updated this pretty little bag too....

I think they show off the bags pretty well & I'm content with the cropping of my head. So happy I discovered a new camera trick! (well yes, I know it's not really a new trick to everyone else...but any time I master the camera I feel pretty darn good :)   My photography journey is ever evolving. As painful & humbling as that can be!

1 comment :

alamodestuff said...

Super photos for perspective! Congrats on learning this new trick. It will come in helpful many times in the future!