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Farm Fresh

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Another long summer day here....and I just realized I never finished posting photos from Jack's tractor combine adventure last week. As I mentioned, we traveled an hour to my mom & step-dad's farm...a place I used to spend my summers and a place I always found super inspirational- the colors, the combination of slow paced life but hard work, and the focus on doing it on your own.  
Lots to be done; making, gardening, canning, fixing, plowing, sewing, cooking, helping, tending.....

step dad & jack. big & little.

in the tractor

off they go!

my mom's garden. well, half of it. 

looking one way....

looking the other way. 
{look closely, you can see our cows}

 one of my favorite views ever. An old school house & a most majestic tree. 

for me, this is a little slice of heaven.

1 comment :

live a colorful life said...

My husband grew up on a farm. In Minnesota. Biggest bonus: he knows how to do tons of stuff, can fix nearly anything. He would give anything to own a tractor and be able to drive it around now and then...