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Schedule for Sanity

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two things my mom taught us that have gotten me through life:

1) be nice to everyone.
2) when you're sad/overwhelmed/heartbroken/upset/lonely, make a plan & stick to it.

Prompted by Cyn at River Dog Prints posting office hours to help define her time, I recalled what my mama said & and sketched out a plan this afternoon.  I'm hoping to alleviate the constant feeling of chaos & craziness- just knowing there is so much work all the time makes me feel like I'm underwater. And then, of course, a vicious cycle ensues of feeling overwhelmed & the literally walking around in circles trying to figure out where to start & then getting more overwhelmed when I catch myself walking in circles! 

I targeted a few of my concerns & issues that have cropped up- Jack's changing sleeping schedule, preschool, new classes, more wholesale accounts, and in general my inefficiency at working/cleaning/sewing/exercising. So hopefully this daily schedule, divided for office & home life, will help bring some focus by designating specific tasks for specific times of the day. And I'm betting that this schedule will benefit us all; give me some clarity, Jack some responsibility, & my husband a better idea of just what needs to be accomplished on the homefront.

So here it is, my "Schedule for Sanity." Looking forward to a hopefully more focused day tomorrow!

psst...have any tricks in your personal or family's schedule that helps keep everything efficient? If so, I'd love to hear!


RiverDog Prints said...

I'm so glad you were inspired to make your own family schedule. I really hope it helps bring you sanity and calm. With all that we juggle, clarity and purpose become even more precious. Wishing us both luck!

Anonymous said...

I like this - and I do this occasionally too - just step back, review and make a plan. Here is a SIMPLE idea but something that has helped us at my busy home. My husband and I put a big piece of whiteboard sticky paper (I got it at Michael's I think?) on the fridge to track our accomplishments each day of the month. For example - we've been using it for exercise - and the visual is motivating. We have like 1) Running 2) Yoga 3) hiking, etc. if we miss a day we leave it blank. Kinf of cheesy - but it really helps and you could use it for other accomplishments as well.