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Business Bits - Successful Tags for Your Etsy Shop

Monday, October 25, 2010

Seems like we're all hustling & bustling preparing our shops for the holiday season. One major worry for many shops is, "how will people find me?"  It's a valid concern any time of the year. With all that good stuff out there, it can be hard to get noticed. While SEO (search engine opitmization) is a major aspect to tackle, one easy thing occured to me, while brainstorming my "holiday plan" -what about my Etsy tags? Yep, you know, the little words in every listing that is used as search criteria.  Well, what have they done for me lately?

Or, more accurately, what have I done to them lately?

A quick scan through my shop revealed some glaring oversights. Oh, the shame! But setting aside an hour (more or less, depending on the size of your shop) can reap huge rewards.

I tweaked just a few items, updating them with more autumn-appropriate descriptors & words I've found most of my buyers using, voila! They sold by the end of the week.

{image: Sweetly Fallen }

So here's a few tips for checking your tags:

1. Variety:  think beyond what it is, try who it's for (women, hostess, infant), colors (check out a color wheel or chart), feelings (whimsical, modern...), what season it's best suited for

2. Read & Use Etsy's Merchandising Tips: It's a gold mine, really.

3. Check out this Etsy article & list on Descriptive Tags

4. Update Periodically:  Is your scarf a versatile spring layer but now also an autumn necessity? Change it up every so often.

5.  Check out the "Tag Report" from Craftopolis - gives data on what words people are using to find your items (caveat, isn't telling what keywords are not directing to your shop) Or if you're feeling extra inspired, Google Keyword Tool for more info & ideas

6. Edit. Edit. Edit.   I see misspelled words in tags so frequently. What a bummer! It's like giving away a chance to get noticed. Just think, maybe they searched for "turquoise" & you spelled it "turqoise." Chances are, you wouldn't be found.

7. Use them all! So many lovely shops pop in to ask advice & when I check out their tags they aren't using them all. Again, just more missed opportunities.

8. Varied spellings.  Think of your international & regional buyers here (gray or grey or gris, cheque or check, jewelry or jewellry, etc...)

9.  Use them correctly. Nothing aggravates buyers more than searching for a yellow polka dot head band and finding a black silk dress in the search results instead.

10. Reflect on your Etsy convos and personal discussions about your products for guidance. It may be clear that while you refer to your items as let's say, "wall decor" your buyers are writing inquiring about "nursery prints."

Alright, just a few little tips to get our shops all set & sparkling! I love to hear your feedback so please share any questions, tips, or successes.

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And there is still time to prepare & plan for a successful Open House Event :)


Amanda said...

Great tips! I really need to do a tag check myself - I never really include who the item could be given to. With the upcoming holiday season I definitely need to visit this. Thanks :)

Samual said...
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yeevon said...

Thanks for sharing!
I always have a headache for the seo and tags!
But i think they deserve some efforts to make them more workable =p

Pili said...

As always, such a great amount of information!