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Friday, October 22, 2010

{image: awakes }

I blinked and now it's Friday.

It's been a week filled with curveballs, surprises, disappointments, and miracles.

And honestly all the emotions have left me a little tired & a little disoriented. 
I haven't gotten through that to-do list I had planned on. In fact, I haven't even written the list!

But despite the roller coaster, this week has also been filled with moments that have kept me grounded. Like the afternoon nap curled up with my son at my side & our kitty laying on my belly. Or the autumn morning spent enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with my best friend from college.  And when little Jack discovered Monopoly in the game cupboard and exclaimed (no joke) "how cool is this?!"  It was the trip to the pumpkin patch, the country oldies on Sunday morning, the assemblage of a toddler firefighter costume.  An evening out with so many fabric mavens & inspiring women. And Jack's sweet singing of "Happy on the nose, happy on the nose" ....which I later discovered was his rendition of "If you're happy and you know it." 

Hooray for these little moments to keep me focused in this magnificent, swirling, frightening, amazing cloudburst of life.


Violet Craft said...


What a beautiful post, by a beautiful woman and mom. It's not even my child and I'm tearing up at the joy of "Happy on the nose, happy on the nose"

I am so glad that I've gotten to know you and look forward to more wonderful times!

Pili said...

Thank you for always helping us remember that the wonderful moments there always are around us, are what should define our days & lives!

live a colorful life said...

I read this post this morning and have been thinking about you all day. I don't know the ups and downs, but you're never far from my thoughts...

Hannah from FLY CHICKS said...

we seem to always get caught up in the things we didn't get done, and seldom remember to appreciate the little things that seem to have the biggest impact on us. your post reminded me to stop being so hard on myself and take a step back to appreciate the smaller wonders.