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Our Crazy Crafty Rainy Weekend

Sunday, December 12, 2010

 We get a lot of rain in Oregon. No secret there. But when you start talking flood stages & mud slides people get a little wacky. This weekend, we were essentially rained in. Going out & about in muddy, puddly Portland with a rain-soaked soggy pre-schooler gets old after a while. So you can imagine after 5 days of downpour. 

Anyhow, we planned for a weekend inside of crafting & Christmas-ing.  Made these lovely salt dough ornaments from Katy Elliott (the gorgeous photo is hers, our are in a precarious state of color explosion at the moment). 

Also, assembled a gingerbread house. Yes, this is Jack attempting to lick the roof. In response to me saying, "look at me with your gingerbread house honey. Smile!"                                

Please- look beyond the blurriness in these last two photos to glimpse the ultimate form of two year-old craziness: 
Jack tasting mud. 
{as I said- the rain can make us all a bit neurotic.}

 Post mud-tasting. Jack's new hilarious cackle- perhaps enjoying his brief little moment of pure defiance.....


Pili said...

I'm sure the ornaments will look great in the end!

And well, kids do enjoy splashing and playing in the mud... didn't we all?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at the very high, very muddy Sandy River down the hill from my house right now!