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Discussion & E-book Giveaway

Monday, January 10, 2011

Whew. I've been excitedly planning my e-book, a culmination of my year long series of Business Bits, as well as new tips, resources, and perhaps a few interviews about running a successful Etsy or online shop.  While I'm drafting this little treasure, I hoped to gather ideas from the experiences & perspectives of others. 

So......I'd love to hear your feedback & will excitedly send a copy of the finished book to randomly chosen response!* 

 A few points of interest: 

- If you are considering opening an Etsy or other online shop, what are your main worries/concerns/fears?

- Assuming you've taken the plunge & opened a shop, what is the biggest obstacle you feel facing you to increased success?

- What aspects of running a shop are most challenging for you? (i.e. marketing, balance of work & life, managing social media/site operations, staying relevant, making a profit......) 

- Please feel welcome to post any other thoughts, frustrations, or topics you'd like to read about or discuss.

{image: Happy Deliveries. I just love this shop.}

*This giveaway will stay open during my entire drafting process. Upon completion, I'll choose a winner by random & send a copy of the finished e-book. Woo hoo! 


Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your shop, which is how I ended up at your blog! The biggest obstacles for me seem to be guessing what my buyers are actually going to like, pricing, and keeping my store stocked to the level I feel it should be. I'm jealous of people who seem to do all of this right and also find time to participate in the Etsy community!

Catherine said...

I am planning on opening an Etsy shop this year. My big concern is time. I already work full time, I have two kids... Is it realistic to think that I could have a shop on top of that? I suppose I just have to try and see... Thank you for your advices!

Sal said...

My biggest obstacle is time as I am a full time teacher - dreaming of becoming part time so that I can run my shop. I find that I want to be making when I should be planning for school.
My next biggest problem is that I am a perfectionist and like to know how things will turn out before I have even started - I suppose I should take the advice from Happy Deliveries and just BEGIN x

markjacobs said...
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Patty said...

I would like to open an Etsy shop but do not know enough about how to start. I wonder how to price items, if there is a formula that has worked for others, if my items will be something that will sell, etc. Guess I need lots of info and tips form others who already have an Etsy store.

About Us said...

I have had an Etsy store for almost 2 years now and most of my success came when I started taking better photographs of my items. I find that this is one of the most important aspects of selling items -- good quality photographs that properly showcase your items! Also, it takes a lot of time to take good photos, so my biggest obstacle is getting out my photo setup, taking lots of pictures of my items (which can easily take over an hour), then downloading them, editing them, then writing descriptions for my items and listing them takes a lot of time as well -- this is what holds me back the most from adding more items. So if you can't list new items daily, then at least renew your items so they show up high in searches -- I found this to be the best tactic for me when I can't add new items. My shop is: AutismLoveHope.etsy.com

Andree and Josh said...

I am wanting to start an Etsy shop, or online boutique with my sister and mother. My worry is finding the time. I just never seem to have it! When I do, it always feels like I'm uninspired or too worn out. I currently work full time, and I feel so exhausted after work. Saturdays are deep cleaning days, and Sundays I have a major calling for my church. We are trying to get pregnant too... So kids will, hopefully, be in the picture someday. I love to be creative, and I feel great when I do. I would love to hear your ideas on finding time and prioritizing time!