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Efficiency Strategy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

One thing we know is true. Time is limited. For me, it seems like a constant battle - always wanting more & never having enough.  On Monday, I asked if you felt challenges to opening/running a shop (would love to hear your thoughts!), from the feedback I received in general conversation, almost every mother/small business owner feels the same pressure.  In the past, I've shared time savers I often use. 

But,  this week in particular, there have been a few light bulbs going off for me in how time is managed & spent. 

One quote really made me rethink it all, "It's not how much time you have, but what you're doing with the time you've got."  
{Planner from My Lavender Cottage}

A few other little nudges this week led me to create a "Family Efficiency Strategy."  I showed it to my husband with the preface, "ok, so please don't think I'm crazy...."   But for the last few days it has helped make ours days run smoother & become more productive & happier. 

Obviously it's a wee bit personal, but I targeted a few areas in our lives that kind of zapped time & energy and alternative actions we could take to reduce these. (In my teaching days, we'd call this a Behavior Modification Plan.  wink, wink.)   Here are a few examples:  

target area: Transitions (lose a lot of time getting ready, making it to the door, etc...) 

 solutions   ->  slowly move Jack's wake-up time back to give more morning time (thus shifting naps, bedtime..)
                ->  adding "pack lunch box" to one of Jack's chores/responsibilities. This encourages him to take an  active role in our routine

target area: Meaningful Family Togetherness
                -> Limit total TV consumption & instead allocate 30 mins (at least) each evening for "family time."

target area: Cleaning
                -> Designate 30 minutes each weekend for everyone to clean-up together

So that's just a few, but I can say the result has been rewarding & freeing. This strategy plan has made things a little less chaotic & as a result I feel more like a family working together for shared happiness & success than of individuals.  I've been more relaxed, worked out, & got loads of sewing completed.

Thinking of making a embroidered wall hanging to continue prompting my thinking, 'what are you doing with your time exactly?'


Jen said...

I heard this in action last night. Way to be proactive in making quality family time. You will reap the rewards as Jack gets older. :)

Pili said...

Great ideas there, not only for the family time, but for many other things!