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Pretty Window Valentines Hearts

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pulled out one of my favorite crafts from childhood to make these bright 'stained glass' hearts with Jack. It was a little messier than I remember with only a few near misses but we're both really happy with how they turned out....sure brightened up the space! 

I thought everyone made these little crayon shavings masterpieces growing up, but just  in case you haven't, I took a few photos along the way:

collect crayon shavings. we successfully broke the sharpener so I sacrificed a knife & chopped up the rest :) 

supplies: wax paper, iron (preferably an old one, you know- just in case), crayons, scissors, paper to trace hearts, and lots of material to protect your table/craft area & iron 

take a long piece of wax paper & fold in half. On one side, sprinkle shavings. The more the messier & globbier. The less looks a bit more like stained glass. Of course, we went with the globbier. 

fold the wax paper in half over the shavings, fold over the three remaining open edges to keep crayons inside & preventing a hot melty mess

warning: be sure to put lots of protection on your craft surface. I used an old flat towel & two layers of craft paper. Then lay more kraft paper (or something similar) over your little crayon pocket to protect your iron. On a low, dry setting press the paper. Check every few seconds to gauge the meltiness. At first, I made more ironing type movements which resulted in a smear- not the best idea. 

Let the papers dry (only takes about 5-10 mins). 

Cut out hearts in sizes you prefer. I made ours a bit smaller, thinking of a heart garland.

Trace on the wax paper & cut out. 
Tape to window or punch with a hole to hang from string or to create a garland. 

Ta da! 

I'll be posting more Valentinesy crafts soon so let me know if you have one to share or know of a great link, I'd love to include it!  


Magpie Shinies said...

I am TOTALLY making these later! Sooooo pretty.

Cathy H. said...

These are so pretty! I remember doing this with my kids. I'll have to try it with the grandkids now! Thanks for reminding me of this craft!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of crayons and windows - this is perfect! I'm featuring this in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!