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Blog Love

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whew, the last week or two (or three?) has flown by in a blur of sewing, writing, loving, celebrating, crying, and crafting. 

In all the flurry though, I was so appreciative to recieve a blog award mention from two lovely ladies, Live A Colorful Life and Cali Quilter. It's called a Liebster Award & I was just pleased as punch with their kind words. Try as I might I couldn't figure out what the name means or where it originated but this bloggy gold star honors & recognizes small-ish blogs. Hooray! 

To share the fun & pass on the torch, I'd like to mention a few blogs I treasure: 

Jarosdesigns- all together lovely jewelry designer with an eye for all things beautiful & intriguing. Analisa not only does creates some of my favorite, classiest jewelry that makes me want to be an accessories kind of gal (maybe someday!), she also curates amazingly gorgeous fine art collections & color combinations. I often visit her blog to sit back & enjoy some pretty things. 

Karuski - Lovely Minna! She creates gorgeous from the most amazing vintage finds and sew just as lovely bags. Her photos are inspiring & I love reading about the little bits of life she shares.  Her mood boards are always a treat. 

LemonKissed Shauna is just a burst of pure happiness! A fellow Oregonian & mama - she's savvy with an eye for design & sunny outlook.  I look forward to seeing continued success in her jewelry shop! 

{Know of a lovely little-ish blog? Share one you've noticed - I'd love to see more!}


karuski said...

Oh, I feel extremely happy to be part of this blog love post. Thanks so much Allisa and just know that I a-l-w-a-y-s enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for all inspiration and encouragement!


JarosDesigns said...

Thank you so much! I'm always inspired by your posts!