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Let's Be Happy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

{from the amazingly talented cheska annielliese}

10 Things That Make Me Happy...right now
1. sunshine in the morning
2. cereal in a mug
3. baby flutters
4. any word Jack writes
5. messages from friends
6. our cat acting like a kitten again
7. soccer 'practice' with Jack
8. anticipation of farmer's markets
9. looking at baby's quilt fabric
10. hope

what's bringing you happiness?


Linda said...

1.swarms of hummingbirds outside my window
2.clouds outside my Texas sky (hoping for rain!)
3.roses and other flowers blooming like crazy on my patio
4.marshmallow creme waiting in the kitchen for me to snack on!

markjacobs said...

1. You
2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
3. Sore legs

kitoiré said...

1. the weather here in London
2. my friends
3. road trips


Totally agree with you on the one where you can see the kitten coming out in your cat! I love it when my two play about like they used to instead of sleeping all day!

Please check out my blog over at petits joies de la vie if you have time :) xx

Jen Morris said...

Sunshine. Friends. Family. Driving without a destination.