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Tutorial Tuesday- Painted Lavender Sachets

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Created these painted lavender sachets just in time for spring and mother's day. I used leaves and flowers to 'stamp' images on fabric and not only do they smell lovely, they turned out to be a beautiful way to use up fabric scraps.  I also enlisted the help of my three year-old son - he loved painting the leaves and creating his own designs. These could also be easily personalized with alphabet stamps or hand painted letters. 

- Fabric squares: (4” or 5” square is good) pieces in solid  linens, muslin or cottons
- Fabric scraps: slightly larger than the square pieces
- Fabric Paints or Inks (I used the type that dries soft)
- Lavender: approximately 3-4 tbls per sachet
- Various Leaves, Flowers, Stamps, & Paintbrushes

1.  Gather supplies (it can get a wee bit messy so having everything together helps).
2. Paint your leaves and flowers  or stamps with fabric paint
3. Gently but firmly press/stamp onto your fabric squares.
4. Carefully remove leaves/stamps and allow paint to dry
5. Collect your paintings and trim if necessary to adjust stamp placement

6. Choose backing for sachets and cut slightly larger than your painted fabric squares
7. Place fabric backs and painted squares right sides together, pin in place.
8. With a ⅜” or ½’ seam allowance, stitch around the squares. *Be sure to leave a 1-2” opening, backstitching at each seam ending. Trim corners diagonally.
9. Turn right side out & press with warm iron. Carefully tuck opening & follow ironing directions for your paint.
10. Using a funnel or spoon, fill each sachet with the dried lavender through opening left in seam.  Be mindful not to fill it too full or you’ll have a tough time stitching it close.

I think they look pretty stacked together, tied with ribbon, and given as a gift. Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. Happy creating!

{Looking for more projects? Check out my Tutorial Page}


Linda said...

Thank you for the great idea! I can't think of any of my lady friends who would not be thrilled to get some of these!

Jacqueline said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea. I have a box of squares just waiting to be used with this tutorial! But I will be using stamps and ink instead of paint. TFS!