Sketchy - A Peek at What's to Come

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Earlier this week I shared a bit about how Google's Rule of 20% is changing my approach to creating bags and clutches....actually allowing me to set aside time to make! During my wakeful nights with a newborn (he's a dream as far as sleeping's just me who can't fall back to sleep!) I sketched out some new ideas & notes I've had brewing....most of my designs start with a drawing and then I develop a pattern from there (see the process in my nifty iphone case!). We'll see which bags make it passed the drawing phase and which ones become new items for the shop!   
Which bags catch your eye?

p.s. I'd love to hear what you're working on & how you set aside time to make! 

p.p.s Oh yeah- If you have an Etsy shop or an online creative site, I've got a doozy of a giveaway coming up this month! stay tuned :) 


The Hunter's Prize said...

I love the design for the middle bag on the bottom row! I saw a woman at the library with something similar this week! But her pattern was from Amy Butler.

Live a Colorful Life said...

I like the middle bag design too! I'm trying to get some things finished up before I start new things. That is a non-ending problem!

Sara said...

I'm trying my hardest to get my shop going again after being on "vacation mode" for several months due to some illness. We're using the proceeds from my sales to help fund our adoption. So much more at stake than just "play money"!

Ingrid said...

I really like the boxy cosmetic bag. Cant wait to see if it makes past the drawing stage.

tina marie said...

I'm a sucker for market totes. I have lots of them. I especially love the big flower and double straps. Put a medium sized pocket in there too. That way it holds your lipgloss and phone but they won't get lost in there. I've just finished 5 figure skating costumes- so much fun!!! Now I'm off to make my cute boys some fun shorts for summer, a tote out of Amy Butler's laminate fabric and some summer skirts for me.